Luxury stay in Bonifacio

Citadelle ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Hotel, Italian restaurant & spa

Intimate luxury hotel with exceptional view over Bonifacio’s Citadelle. 22 rooms and suites, infinite pool, restaurant, 600sqm spa with indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam…

Santa Manza ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Intimate Boutique Hotel

Intimate boutique hotel. 11 rooms and suites, swimming pool, Host table. In the heart of the corsican countryside, sea view. Tiny hotel where you feel at home..

Villa Rentals

With hotel service

Inspired by the Version Maquis brand,  the villas are places with exceptional views, swimming pool … Access to all hotels facilities located nearby: restaurant, spa, boutique…

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-13% on the accommodation

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-20% on breakfast
-20% on spa treatments when booking your stay
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Your stay in Corsica . . .

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They are places made of dreams… Bonifacio is truly one of Corsica’s jewels.
The City rises on the rocks of white limestone with cliffs overlooking the sea facing the Lavezzi islands and Sardinia.
As an open air museum, it’s an historical city, with also sandy beaches, nature trails and a marina where the most beautiful yachts of the world come to moor to enjoy Dolce Vita summer.

It is in this unique setting, were born Hotel Version Maquis Santa Manza **** & Hotel & Spa Version Maquis Citadelle *****.
With 11 and 22 rooms and a Spa, these boutique hotels invite you to relax for a private stay in middle of nature landscape

Hôtel Version Maquis Citadelle 5*

Villa du Couvent

Hôtel Version Maquis Santa Manza 4*

Villa – Domaine de la Trinité